Hi friends ! Welcome back to the blog . I have a lot of exciting new things to share with you in the upcoming weeks here on my blissful home. Can you believe we are already in September . I sure am so happy we are a couple weeks away from the official start of fall . Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year . Not only is it the welcoming season to all things cozy , crisp cool morning breezes , stepping on crunchy leaves , lets not forget leggings and sweaters while cozying up with a pipping hot cup of coffee !

It’s safe to say I love fall . During the weeks before fall I like to focus on decluttering my home . I also like to switch out my decor , and make my home more welcoming for the new season . I try to keep a warm and cozy theme in my home for fall time . I put away all the bright florals from summer and pack away all my throw pillows and blankets as well .

Normally the only items I will focus on purchasing new for any season would be throw pillows , throw blankets ,and florals. I do have a pretty good collection of fall florals iv’e been collecting for the passed 10 years or so . This year I only bought a few inexpensive bundles to add to my vases . I will share more of that with you on the next blog post .

If this is your first year decorating for fall , and you are here to be inspired I hope the tips l share with you are helpful . If you are on a budget I sure have budget friendly tips that I myself have used, and occasionally follow . I believe no matter what your budget is you can always find a way to dress your home for the seasons . I am a firm believer into making your home the home of your dreams no matter where you live . For me, home is not how big your house is , or small . I believe the touches that go into getting your home organized and decorated will bring your whole world at peace.

let’s talk declutter

Declutter ! What comes to mind when you read or hear the word declutter ? I am going to be honest decluttering is something I learned from my sweet husband . I never was one to get rid of things I always seemed to keep everything stored away or shoved into somewhere it did not belong . like for instance random coasters in our linen closet along with unwanted vases that had no purpose being there besides me just keeping them for my sake .

It wasn’t in me to declutter and get rid of my unwanted items . Now since my husband Alex really made a valid point to me one day he was helping me tidy up my home and doing so he was trying to put everything in its place .That is when he discovered I had too many items that had no use , and I just kept stored away ,and needed an intervention lol.

I vividly remember that day .Alex having a talk with me in the most sweetest loving way , saying ”Stephanie , you know when was the last time you used this ?” With his look of serious confusion ,Thats when I realized I really had no use of anything I put in places that just did not belong . I clearly just held on to them because for one , It was basically bought out of impulse . So since that day I have adapted the word declutter to my seasonal home tidying up .

“If it has no place , I must declutter ”

Now here is a few tips I practice

Now that we talked about decluttering I want add in another tip for the change of seasons .Deep cleaning home from top to bottom. I start off with washing my curtains , pillow cases , throw blankets ect . The linens I will continue using I wash them . I also go around and wipe down the walls , baseboards . chandeliers ect .

How I wash my delicate linens

  1. Baking soda
  2. vinegar
  3. essential oil or fabric softner
  4. laundry detergent


The cycle you’re going to be setting your washer on will be the delicate cycle . I do not recommend washing your linens on a regular cycle .Chances are if you wash your fabric’s on regular cycle you will most likely ruin the fabric . Set the wash to cold water . Add in baking soda , laundry detergent and wash

once that load is done your’e going to wash again , but this time you will be setting your washer on the rinse cycle and add the following

  1. vinegar
  2. essential oil drops 10-15 drops of your favorite oil . I like to use gardenia and lavender .

Add the vinegar and eso to the fabric softner side

Once everything is done washing let the linens air dry .

I truly believe when your home is tidy and organized it is the foundation to a happier and productive life . Thank you for taking the time stopping by ! Stay tuned for the next post which will be focusing on home decor !



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