holiday decorating 2020

Holiday’s 2020

The holiday’s have officially arrived in my blissful home .If your’e following me on instagram then you already know I have been on full blown holiday decorating mode ! This year I am decorating a total of 8 trees. Yikes ! I started the first week of November with my first tree . All with coffee in hand . It has been so fun spreading Christmas throughout my home this season .These times we are in are tuff , and I am happy to spread so much cheer .

Bellow is a few holiday tips I am sharing with you to help destress you this holiday season !

  • scale – scale your home find the perfect spot for your Christmas tree .Traditionally it is best to have the tree in front of your window , or fireplace .
  • Theme – Coming up with a theme for Christmas has helped me tremendously when decorating my home . Since I come up with a theme before hand it makes the process much smoother when shopping for decor . For instance this year my family room theme is forest .I chose emerald green as the base color .I added owls , deers, and birds to my tree that I purchased at hobby lobby .
  • Ribbon – ribbon goes a long way when it comes to decorating .If you’re on a tight budget ribbon can be cost friendly on your budget , and can make your tree look so grand ,and luxurious without braking the bank.
  • have fun!- there really is no right or wrong way when it comes to holiday decorating. If you love a all pink Christmas then do just that! grab some wine , crank up that holiday music , and just have fun! Remember stick to what makes you ,and ,or your family happy .

Happy decorating!

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