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One of the questions I get asked daily is – what color are my walls. I really love the colors in my interior walls . If you are a fan of neutral and you want the perfect balance of taupe / greige look no further I have the perfect wall paint color for you ! My walls and ceiling are all one color . I kept it the same color because I love the clean spacious look it throws off having the color the same . It’s quite a pleasant clean look .

I purchased my paint from a local ppg store . Home depot also carries the color and brand if you do not have a ppg store you can run to your nearest home depot . I chose an egg shell finish for my walls . With the egg shell finish I can clean my walls at ease . I am not a big fan of glossy or semi glossy paint .

I love the look or a matte finish with out the flat paint performance . I do not have the best stories with flat paint- cleaning wise . With flat paint from my own experience It is very hard to wipe your walls if there is any stains . Withe little ones in my home I knew when before hand painting my home I would not get flat paint again.

”Eggshell and satin are popular for interiors because they’re neither too matte nor too glossy—just shiny enough to make a paint project pop. Both can be used on a range of surfaces, but they have different properties that make them better suited for certain applications”

Wall & Ceiling Color

  • Brand- PPG PAINTS
  • Color – Whiskers
  • Finish – Egg Shell
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