Stephanie’s easy Chocoflan with Walmart+

This post is sponsored by Walmart+ , all opinions are my own.

Welcome back to the blog! Today I’m sharing with you my highly anticipated Chocoflan recipe . Thanks to my membership with WalmartPlus I was able to save so much time ordering what I needed for my dessert , and have it delivered straight to my doorstep . 

I use my membership a few times a week . Not just for my groceries but also for my household essentials. I love using the Walmart app to order what I need throughout the week. Like toilet paper rolls , my cleaning supplies and even school supplies for the kids ! 

Thank you for stopping by below is my recipe for the Chocoflan 


Cake pan 


Make the cake as stated from the box . Substitute the water for room temperature coffee . In a blender add 6 eggs, condensed milk , evaporated milk ,splash of vanilla .

Next grab a sauce pan and melt on medium high heat your 1 cup of  sugar . Once it turns an amber

 color turn off the heat and carefully pour the Caramel to your baking dish . 

Now grab your prepared cake mix and pour it onto the cake pan , and next add in the milk mixture on top of the cake mixture . 

Bake in the oven at 340 degrees for 1 hour . Allow to cool next flip it on a dish and enjoy! 

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post all opinions were my own

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